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  • a brand-new hot water system installed
  • to replace an existing worn-out or inefficient Boiler system
  • or have an emergency with a broken Boiler system

We can solve your problems and fit and properly install the correct Boiler system for your needs. We are available 24/7 and offer London & Putney
And most importantly, can do this on the same day you contact us.

We have been servicing Putney’s residential and commercial premises for 20 years. We are a family owned and operated company and specialise in the supply and installation of Boiler Systems.
We aim to provide you with the most dependable and reliable hot water, drain and plumbing services available.

Progress, human ingenuity and improvements in hygienic living has meant that we all are fortunate enough to have the immediate convenience and luxury of always-present hot water. Our modern life-styles are built around it and when it’s not available, it’s immensely inconvenient and needs to be solved efficiently and with as little fuss as possible.

We carry out installation, servicing, diagnostics and repairs of all Boiler Models. You can be assured that when you use our services you will receive nothing but quality.

We cover Central London, Greater London and the surrounding area of the M25. Our main coverage area is SW & SE Greater London and now covering Nation Wide England, wales and Scotland.

No stress or strains when you have a new boiler installed with a 5 years guarantee on parts and labour.

Not only that but you could save up to 30% on your fuel bill annually just by having a new boiler installed.

Even greater saving can be made by adding temperature and time controls to your heating system. An additional 20% if not more.

Don’t forget technology is ever increasing enabling us to cut down on our carbon footprint as well as saving us time and money. With Putney Plumbers you can be assured there is an alternative energy sources for you.


When getting a quote from a company or an individual please check their credentials. If damage is caused to your property due to a sub standard installation and you can’t get hold of the installer the likelyhood that your insurance will pay for rectifying the works is highly unlikely.

We install all new condensing gas boilers. The choices can be confusing for customers so we will try and explain the options below.

Open vented system boiler

This is where you have a small tank in the loft called and F/E tank (fill and expansion) which is filled via mains cold water supply and is attached via pipe work to your heating system.  There is a pipe off of your heating return which is open ended and vents into the tank . The boiler has two pipes called heating flow and return. There is a series of actuator valves connected the pipe work, these operate via controls and thermostats. One will operate via the room thermostat and the other via you cylider thermostat. These are simple systems with a lot of controls valves and can be costly should they break down. One advantage is a booster pump can be used to increase the pressure for showers or bath showers.

Sealed system boiler

Similar to the above , the difference is there is no F/E tank or open vent. These are replaced by a pressure vessel and the system is filled via a filling loop. The controls remain the same, a choice of a three port valve to control the heating and hot water coil may be utilised.

Combination boilerCombination boilers are totally different to the above as the boiler encompasses the pressure vessel and the controls within the unit. Here there are six pipes connecting to the boiler, heating flow and return, mains cold water, hot water outlet, gas and a condense pipe which needs to be connected to an internal drain via a trap. The flue produces a plume of burnt gases which if installed incorrectly can create a nuisance.

The disadvantages of a combination boiler are as follows:

No booster pump can be installed for showers or multiple bathrooms.

There is a drop in volume when more than one water source is used when drawing hot water.


Radiators work on convection, as heat rises it draws in the cold air which circulates around the radiator. They have been used in nearly all older properties and are readily available and are reasonably priced.

Underfloor heating 

Pipe work layed in trays

Pipe work being covered with a liquid screed

Underfloor heating works like a large radiator and entails running pipes beneath the floor boards or screeding. The system when installedcorrectly is highly efficient and can cut down on fuel bills. The initial costs can deter some customers butthe long term benefits are rewarding.

Manifold connecting all heating zones

We supply, install, maintain and repair any type of combination boilers. We offer 5 years warranty on certain types of boilers that I supply and install.
Please ask for more details.

I offer free quotes on new central heating, combi boilers and system boilers installation.

Combination boilers, commonly referred to as ‘combi’ boilers are a convenient way of supplying both hot water and heating in a compact package without requirement for water storage. They prove extremely popular, as they are usually more economical to install than traditional or unvented systems (Mega Flow) and take much less space. They also operate on mains pressure (No need for cold water storage anymore freeing space in your loft, cupboard) on in general should provide much better showering experience. Combi boilers provide hot water ‘on demand’ heated while it passes boilers heat exchanger therefore limiting waste of energy on storing hot water.

New installation performance is directly linked to available water flow and pressure. Before any installation can commence existing water flow and pressure needs to be checked. It is one of the first things that I would check on site visit before providing quote for work. In some cases cold water supply upgrade may be required if insufficient flow / pressure is recorded.  Generally modern combination boilers can supply between 9 litres / minute (24kW) and 25 litres / minute (50kW). Choice of suitable boiler will depend on existing flow rates.

Combination boilers are most suitable for properties with one bathroom, although more powerful models are able to provide enough hot water for 2 showers (Subject to existing water flow). Generally it is suggested to go for unvented storage system (Mega Flow) for more than one bathroom.

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