Can I install a combination gas boiler

A combination heating boiler is a type of condensing heating boiler. The advantage of a combination gas boiler is that it can heat water when needed and for this reason they are very popular.

Before you buy a combi gas fired boiler you should have an fitting study to ensure it can be fitted in your house. If you use a trained heating installer to conduct a study they will ensure that you comply with the building regulations. Just because you had a traditional gas fired boiler install does not mean that you can do a straightforward switch for a condensing boiler as they have specific set-up requirements.

Cooler exhaust gasses released from the flue are less buoyant and usually form an easily seen plume. The output gasses can then wet areas near to the outlet, neighbouring properties can be impacted by this effect, the plume can also cause irritation for any people going to your home.

You could find that your existing flue, whilst acceptable for a noncondensing gas fired boiler, is not suitable for your new boiler. To complete the fitting you could find that the flue will need to be modified. You cannot, share a condensing boiler flue with any other non-condensing gas appliance.

A liquid condensate will form inside a condensing boiler when it is operating and there should be a suitable external drain point to allow this to be drained away.

There are many ways to defeat these installation difficulties. That is why you will want to use a trained heating boiler installer has that they will know of these tricks. You should remember that these one-off installation costs should be set off against the annual reduced running costs of the replacement condensing boiler.

It is not all doom and gloom however and there are options for the installation. A change of location often results from the new set-up requirements. Specific illustrations are where a condensing gas boiler is to replace an open flue or back boiler. These are often installed in an interior position away from an outside wall.

It is acceptable to install a gas heating boiler in any room other than the main living room. Sometimes the kitchen is utilised, sometimes a bedroom and on occasion the attic.

Providing you have a sealed system you can install a gas boiler in the attic. Access to the attic has to be provided through a drop down attic ladder attached to the loft hatch. Access to the heating boiler should be provided with a boarded floor and you need to ensure that there is enough lighting in the loft. These requirements are so that maintenance and servicing can be performed by a heating engineer.

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