It seems that each month gas prices are increasing resulting in higher gas costs. If you use gas central heating your boiler is a large user gas and large proportion of your gas bill. Exchanging an old heating boiler or a new economic gas boiler could lead to a significant reduction in your gas bills.

A central heating boiler needs to be able to provide adequate hot water to heat your home and provide hot water for washing. Your current central heating boiler will have an anticipated life off up to fifteen years. Even though your present-day gas fired boiler may be running correctly it could be inefficient in comparison to the present-day one. The SEDBUK ranking gives an indication of the efficiency of a boiler with A being very economical and G being very ineffective.

Observing that this it could be cost effective to substitute your gas fired boiler if your current model is nearing the end of its life. A new heating boiler should lead to a large reduction in your gas heating bills. gas combination boilers are the most common boilers and are best suited to smaller households where there are not multiple simultaneous demands for hot water. With a combination boiler you can do away with the hot water storage cylinder saving space as it will heat water when you need it. Although the boiler can provide immediate hot water it will have a limited capacity and will not be able to serve several hot taps at the same time.

A typical boiler will use a hot water tank to store hot water it produces during the daytime. Hiving Away hot water for use later is very inefficient and wastes gas. A drawback of using any hot water storage tank is that it will require space in your house although it does mean that you can access to large amounts of hot water whenever required.

You can get efficiencies of up to 60 percent by installing a combi boiler and getting rid of the hot water storage tank. A combi condensing boiler is more cost-efficient than a stock combination boiler as it extracts heat from the hot flue gases and uses it to heat water. Taking saved heat back into the hot water heating process significantly reduces the requirement for gas use and will lead to a further step-down in your gas costs.

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