Replacement boiler set up

Your next gas fired boiler will probably be a combination gas fired the boiler, a type of modern condensing gas fired boiler. combination gas boilers are very efficient and are able to heat water on demand making them very popular.

Before you purchase a combi gas fired boiler you should have a set up survey to ensure it can be fitted in your house. The heating fitter will ensure that your proposed fitting complies with the latest building rules. If you are substituting your existing boiler you will find that you cannot do a straightforward swap as it is now more challenging to install a contemporary condensing gas fired boiler.

The output gasses from the flue tend to be not as hot and hence less buoyant than for an elderly heating boiler type an easily seen plume can result as they quickly condense. The output gasses can then wet areas near to the outlet, this can impact on neighboring homes, on occasion people traveling by your house can be impacted by this exhaust plume.

The design requirements for a condensing gas fired boiler flue are different from old gas boilers and your existing flue may not be suitable. To beat this the flue might need to be modified. The flue cannot be shared and must be for the unique use of condensing appliances.

An external drain point is needed to facilitate the removal of the condensation which will form within the heating boiler.

Experience has indicated that there are many different ways to overcome any potential installation problems. This is where employing an experienced fitter produces a prompt payback as they will know of the best solutions. Condensing heating boilers are typically more efficient than the older heating boiler that they replace and any extra installation costs should be set off against this reduced life running cost.

Whilst you are having the new gas fired boiler fitted there are some options for the setup. A change in the location of the new boiler frequently results from the different fitting requirements. This is a certainty when the elderly gas fired boiler was an open flue or back gas fired boiler. You will see that these older boiler types are not mounted on an external wall with an existing gas-fired boiler flue.

With the exception of the main living room, most rooms in the house can be used for the fitting. Of course, gas fired boilers are frequently installed in the utility room or kitchen but other everyday places are the bedrooms or set up of a heating boiler in the loft.

You can install a boiler in the attic as long as the system is the sealed form. additional requirements in this situation are that the attic has a drop-down door latch with a ladder. Access to the boiler should be provided with a boarded floor and you need to ensure that there is enough lighting in the attic. All this is so the engineer can gain access quite easily to the gas boiler to repair or maintain it.

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