Will a power flush prolong my gas fired boiler life-time

As your boiler and system ages, internal contaminants evolves within the pipework. The contaminants will need to be flushed out to restore your central heating system to normal operation.

A power flush is an efficient way of removing this deposits and dirt that build up inside your system over time.

Most heating systems develop this contaminant regardless of type, time is the main factor has deposits build every day. If you purchase new central heating radiators or a heating boiler you should give serious consideration to power flushing the central heating system before these new parts are installed. Fitting new components will inevitably disturb the sludge causing it to circulate through the central heating system once more.

It is beneficial to add corrosion inhibitors to your heating boiler and system to slow this build up of contaminants.

The items listed below can also be attacked by a power-flush: –

* cold central heating radiators
* buildup of sediment in your gas boiler
* water pump circulation problems
* pipe blockages
* gradual corrosion of the pipework
* blockages in the water flow
* knocks and bangs emanating from the central heating system

As a result, the advantages of the power flush could be:-

* extended heating pump life as contaminants are removed from the circulating water
* elimination of radiator colder spots allowing all the heating radiator to be used to heat the room
* enhanced heating efficiency resulting in reduced heating charges
* extended gas boiler and heat exchanger life
* decrease in the internal gas creation reducing corrosion and improving heat transmission
* clearing your gas boiler and system of contaminated water which could lead to internal boiler and central heating system corrosion

A power flush simple machine is used to complete the task. The central heating system water is filtered through the simple machine which extracts the sludge. New liquid is also forced into your heating system. The engineer will usually top up the gas fired boiler and system by adding a corrosion inhibitor to protect it in future years.

A power flush is completed by a trained operator to ensure that it is completed correctly and does not create a mess.

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