Did you know that the instantly recognisable smell of gas isn’t actually there naturally? It’s something that is added to help people to identify if they can smell a leak or not – and as the type of gas used within homes can be flammable, if you ever detect the scent then it can be a top priority to get in touch with a local plumber.

Don’t allow gas to pose a risk to your family; get in touch with us today and we’ll do everything that we can to ensure that your gas plumbing gets back on track.


Gas leak detection is an important process that should not be delayed, both for safety and to save money and fossil fuels. A detector is likely to locate the problem and allow a professional to fix it. A pressure test can also be carried out on the line. Indicators that you may require a gas leak detection solution are an energy bill that is either excessive or increasing compared to previous bills, or a faint lingering smell.

If you suspect you have a gas leak that may need fixing, a good way to start detection is to turn off all your appliances at the appliance control including those with a pilot (eg hot water heaters). Take a meter reading in the evening before you go to bed, and then check it again the next morning before you turn the appliances back on. If the meter has changed it would suggest you may require a professional who can locate the problem and find a solution.

Putney Plumbers use a range of sophisticated testing techniques to gain the most accurate understanding of the location and source of suspected leaks.Our highly-trained technicians can carry out a variety of leak testing techniques, including the pressure testing of entire water, gas and piping networks, dye testing of swimming pools/ wet areas, smoke testing of drainage, spray testing of walls, roofs and windows, as well as water analysis for determining the origin of the leak.
We also offer a range of comprehensive solutions that allow us to accurately assess, report and document the quality of piping and drainage networks and systems.

At Putney Plumbers we are just about as local as they get. Our expertly qualified and fully licensed plumbers cover all areas of London. You should never be eager to overlook the smell of gas if you ever spot it, in fact leaks are responsible for hundreds of thousands worth of damage every year. In the event of a leak we’d consider it worth an emergency call out. Putney Plumbers are here right now to take your phone call, schedule a visit, or offer you a bit of advice.

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