Do gas boilers benefit from a power flush?

Over its lifetime your system will suffer a build up of interior sediment. Efficiency suffers and will continue to decline as deposits accumulate. Flushing the heating system will address the problem.

A power flush is an efficient way of removing these deposits and dirt that build up inside your gas boilers and system over time.

Regardless on the type of boiler and system you have it can be subject to this problem, the main influence is the passage of time and hence the older gas boilers and central heating systems are the more likely they are to have this problem. You do not want to replace and update your heating boiler with the latest model without commissioning a power flush first. Whilst your new gas boiler is in pristine condition it will soon have deposits and debris circulating within it as sludge and debris are agitated as the new components are fitted. Gas boilers do not work well with old sludge and deposits circulating.

If your heating system suffers from internal sediment you should also consider adding the corrosion inhibitor.

Some other gas boilers and system problems which can be converted with a power flush are listed below: –

* cold areas on your radiators
* buildup of contaminants in gas boilers
* circulation problems with your central heating pump
* clogging pipework
* corrosion
* blockages
* knocks and bangs emanating from the central heating system

As a result, the advantages of a professionally rendered powerflush could be:-

* helping your central heating water pump to last longer as it handles clean water
* elimination of radiator colder patches allowing all the central heating radiator to be used to heat the room
* improved gas boilers efficiency so reducing fuel costs in future years.
* better heat exchanger operation lowering energy consumption
* reduction in hydrogen gas accumulation reducing corrosion
* clearing your heating system of contaminated water which could lead to gas fired boiler and system corrosion

An automated power-flush simple machine is used to carry out the gas boiler and central heating system cleansing. It is connected to your gas fired boiler and system and the central heating water is routed through the simple machine where it filters out the contaminants. The cleaning process is completed by the cleansed water being flushed through your boiler and central heating system. The heating engineer will usually top up the boiler and system by adding a corrosion inhibitor to protect it in future years.

A power flush needs to be executed by trained gas engineers and there will be no mess or complications.

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