Save energy with a combi

It seems that every month energy prices are going up resulting in higher heating costs. To stop the year on year increments you need to consider how you are utilising gas. You could reduce your gas bills by up to 35% if you fit a new energy-saving condensing combi boiler.

Functioning in the background your present-day gas boiler will be heating your home and providing hot water for washing cutlery and clothing in addition to powering your bath. After 15 years your heating boiler will have passed its useful life-time and start to become ineffective. If your boiler is nearing the end of its lifespan it could be very uneconomical in comparison to newer models. Many old boilers are ranked as a G on the SEDBUK scale, where A is the most economical at 95-98% and G the least economical boiler at 20-30%.

If your central heating boiler is over 10 years old, it might be worth investing in a fresh model. A new heating boiler should lead to a large reduction in your gas bills. A gas combination boiler is the most widely known type of boiler, and is good for smaller homes with few people, or people who don’t want to wait for their hot water. As a gas combi boiler heats the water on need it does not need a storage cylinder in the airing cupboard. If you have a gas combination boiler you will find that hot water may not be available in the kitchen if you are filling a hot bathtub as it heats the hot water as required.

A normal central heating boiler will use a hot water cylinder to store hot water it produces during the daytime. You will get heat loss and gas losses even though the hot water tank is insulated. A disadvantage of using any hot water storage cylinder is that it will require space in your house although it does mean that you can access to large amounts of hot water whenever required.

eradicating the storage cylinder by installing a gas combination boiler means that your central heating system will be up to 60% more efficient. The most efficient type of gas combi boiler is a condensing gas combi-boiler which has an additional heat extract to reclaim the heat in the exhaust gases and use of this to heat your water reducing its gas consumption. Clever use of this gas to heat the water on demand means that this type of heating boiler can further save on your gas heating bills.

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