Underfloor heating has been around since the Roman period and today 80% of Scandinavian countries use it.
It is only in recent years that people within the UK have understood and taken advantage of the many benefits of underfloor heating and why it should take place of the conventional heating system of radiators.

Underfloor heating is inexpensive and with its advanced controls, people are given flexibility and complete control over their heating system.

People do not feel limited in choice for final floor coverings as underfloor heating can be used under tiles, vinyl, carpet, engineered and real wooden flooring.

Underfloor heating comes with many advantages and it makes the floor extremely comfortable to walk on providing a typical floor surface temperature of 25°C – 29°C. Underfloor heating heats the area we are in rather than the ceiling!



Although underfloor heating has a luxurious feel, it is not expensive to install or run. Underfloor heating uses lower running temperatures than radiators and along with greater control, a saving of 25% on fuel bills can be made a year making underfloor heating a great investment!


Underfloor heating can be used in all projects ranging from conservatories and kitchen extensions, domestic homes to schools, hospitals and airports. Underfloor heating are also effective in rooms with high ceilings due to its low temperature radiant effect.

Freedom of Interior Design

Approximately 30% of space is taken up by radiators in a home. The use of underfloor heating however gives great flexibility to room layouts ideal for any project.


Underfloor heating uses water temperatures between 45°C -55°C where radiators use water at approximately 80°C. With the lower running temperature, underfloor heating works well with heat pumps and solar.

Health and Hygiene

Underfloor heating uses radiant heat rather than convectional heat resulting in less air movement and therefore no cold draughts. Less dust will be circulated and with floors being warm decrease the amount of bacteria and dust mites by 80% allowing a healthier environment for asthma sufferers. Hot surfaces will also be a thing of the past, making it much safer for young children.

Environmentally friendly

The use of underfloor heating reduces desired room temperatures by 1°C -2°C when compared with radiators yet still providing the same level of comfort. Each 1°C reduction in room temperature reduces fuel consumption by 6%. With less fuel used, less pollution is created and lower costs. With the lower running temperature, underfloor heating works in harmony with renewable sources of energy such as solar and heat pumps.

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